Sr. Clinical Transition Planner

Position Summary:  Serve in a transition role on at least two concurrent projects, depending on size and complexity. The Transition Planner leads and is responsible for all discussions and deliverables related to Transition. He/she reports to the Project Manager(s) directly to ensure the facilitation of a project’s completion on-time, on/under-budget, and within SME Solutions’ quality standards.


  1. Facilitate with clients and document Project Phasing and Facility Staffing Plans.
  2. Facilitate with clients and document required Concept of Operations (CONOPS) to include Micro, Macro, and General.
  3. Support planning meetings to gather pertinent information relative to Transition requirements.
  4. Maintain accountability for all transition planning requirements to include multiple plans, schedule, and execution oversite of the Transition Plan.
  5. Provide consistency and support for the development and implementation of end-state operations in the new facility.
  6. Serve as the direct point of contact for all transition-related activities
  7. Assist in the development and facilitation of operational issues (facility/design/ construction) that impact end-state operations for technical areas.
  8. Track the following in the transition plan: staff and location mapping (faces to spaces), division document tracking and development, movement coordination and space planning, legal and regulatory issues, etc.
  9. Gathers data from all clinical/technical departments and codify into a report detailing recommendations and plans for documentation and planning of work processes for transition and relocation.
  10. Assist clinic specialty departments in drafting plans for future work processes based on findings in the initial planning meetings.
  11. Assist departments in the formulation of training plans and exercises. Assist divisional staff(s) with their assigned duties including the preparation, review, presentation, and finalization of their departments.
  12. Work with clients on welcome packets, orientation exercises and literature, and wayfinding materials.
  13. Write, plan, and facilitate day in the life for the clinical staff prior to opening the new healthcare facility.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Proficient in MS Office and SharePoint.
  2. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Proactive in reaching out to client personnel for needed information. Willing to enforce deadlines.
  3. Strong coordination skills are required for vendor scheduling.
  4. Flexible and willing to work extended hours, weekends, holidays, and evenings as necessary during project activations.
  5. Able to work independently on tasks, but also as a member of the project activation team.

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in a clinical area, business, or a relevant field.
  2. Five to ten years prior experience as a transition planner in a healthcare environment. DOD or VA preferred.
  3. Clinical working experience is preferred, but not required.
  4. Experience in leading clinical user meetings and presenting to teams and project stakeholders.
  5. This is a work-from-home position – with travel required per the project's requirements which could equate to up to 50% of work time during project activations, orientations, and training.

To apply for this position, please email resume to [email protected]