Project Manager

Position Summary:  Manages a project team(s) and has direct responsibility for planning and executing Initial Outfitting projects for new healthcare facilities. Depending on the size of the new facility, may be responsible for more than one concurrent project.   


  1. Manage a geographically dispersed project team to include key personnel, functional leads and support staff, and potential subcontractors.
  2. Work remotely, except for travel to project locations as needed to lead/facilitate meetings. During the activation phases of the project, there may be an extended stay of more than two weeks required at a time.
  3. Must read and understand project(s) contractual documentation to ensure the company meets or exceeds all contractual expectations, timelines, cost limitations, travel budgets, and deliverables and action items. 
  4. Responsible for all aspects of the project including the planning, execution, and staffing as required for the various stages of the project.
  5. Coordinate, schedule, facilitate, and attend meetings during the project phases and produce meeting minutes with action items.
  6. Ensure deliverables and equipment/furniture packages are given proper Quality Control attention.
  7. Establish and maintain integrated master project schedules. Monitor schedule deviations and variances and assist in developing corrective actions. Coordinate all activities with the various stakeholders of the project delivery team. Maintain awareness of all aspects of project progress. Forecast and prioritize efforts and identify resources to accomplish tasks. 
  8. Provide guidance and recommendations to the client regarding the overall schedule and other stakeholder impacts to the schedule and critical timelines/milestones. 
  9. Track and ensure all contractual deliverables are prepared and delivered accurately and on time. 
  10. Risk documentation, tracking, mitigation management, and reporting.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Work independently and with a team within a virtual environment for most projects.  
  2. Strong administrative skills, including the ability to use standard applications including SharePoint, Visio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Project.
  3. Must have the ability to step in and run a complex healthcare IOT&A project, or similar project, at any point in the project life cycle. 
  4. Ability to interact well with clients and team members.
  5. Must be flexible to work extended hours, weekends, holidays, and evenings as necessary when project necessitates the need. 
  6. Must be a self-starter with excellent time management and organizational skills. 
  7. Must have effective communication skills.
  8. Must be able to multi-task appropriately and effectively.

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in architecture, engineering, interior design, business, or related field. 
  2. Minimum of ten years senior project management experience on relevant complex projects.
  3. Minimum of eight years’ experience in healthcare initial outfitting services and projects.
  4. Minimum of five years’ experience on relevant federal healthcare IO projects.
  5. Five years of supervisory experience with the ability to manage multiple professionals. 
  6. Demonstrated experience in healthcare infrastructure, and operations.
  7. Direct and demonstrated experience in transition activities.
  8. Active PMP is preferred but not required.
  9. Manage a project budget including project contingency budgets. Ensure billing and invoicing are accurate, synchronized, and coordinated with the customer. Review payment applications to validate progress claimed and ensure contract compliance. Evaluate project performance with respect to cost control and change management.

To apply for this position, please email resume to [email protected]