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Denver VA Replacement Project


Assure that the IT plan is created in compliance with the statutes and regulations overseeing the project. Helps verify that network requirements are identified for all equipment and coordinates low voltage requirements throughout the project. 

William Beaumont Army Medical Center Replacement Project


Development of the acquisition plan as it relates to equipment planning,

acquisition, and receipt.

Support the development of organizational and service specific logistics operational


Facilitate the provisioning of the building in coordination with the Department of


Data center planning and IMIIT migration plan coordination efforts.

Omaha VA Medical Center Renovation


Project support for planning, outfitting, and transitioning the staff and patients associated with healthcare construction projects during FY17 through FY21.
The scope of this services acquisition includes compatible comprehensive project management, comprehensive interior design development, comprehensive equipment planning, acquisition support services, transition and relocation services, receipt, storage and warehousing of new and existing equipment.